Photographers like me…don’t listen to idiots.

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Articles
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Ever since the first photo was taken photographers choosing to work in the terrain of photography faced an uphill battle for recognition of the validity of their work and its acceptance as a fine art. Nude images are considered porn to the village idiot while creativity has been derided as being the product of machines and chemicals rather than the expressive minds of artists.  While such attitudes towards photography can be chalked up to misinformation or even elitism on the part of those who practice other forms of art, in reality it is an indication of a profound and, frankly, embarrassing ignorance of the expressive powers of composition, light, color, tone, and creativity, not to mention the effort, time, and skill required to produce an exceptional body of photographic work.

Nevermind the dimwits who think they can prance into the local camera shop and drop $2000 on the newest DSLR and think they can immediately claim the title “Photographer”.  Funny are those who comment on your images and ask “What camera do you use?” or  make statements like, “If I had a camera like that my images would be great too!”, as if the camera is the reason the image draws their attention.

Don’t get me wrong, there is an overabundance of GWC (Guys With Cameras) who take up the craft for reasons other than the love of the artistry.  But it is rather easy to differentiate between the GWC and the seasoned photographer, a quick glace at the first couple of images in their portfolio would be the litmus test.


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