Photoshop CS5 iPad Apps Now Available

Posted: May 11, 2011 in apps, Articles
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Photoshop CS5 iPad Apps Now Available.

The recently announced updates to Photoshop CS5 that enabled remote control of the application from your iPad just got more exciting.  Three new “remote” Apps are now available from the iTunes store.

You can download the Apps from the iTunes store via the links below.

  • Adobe Color Lava ($2.99 – “Dab. Swirl. Mix. Create custom colors and color themes to use in Adobe Photoshop CS5.”)
  • Adobe Eazel ($4.99 – “Create beautiful paintings and instantly access them in Photoshop CS5.”)
  • Adobe Nav ($1.99 – “Tap and swipe your iPad screen to activate Photoshop tools, and browse open documents in Photoshop CS5.”)

More details/demos for the new Apps here.  Also note, you’ll need to the most recent version of Photoshop CS5 to connect to Photoshop with these Apps.


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