DIY Photography Ring Flash Review

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Articles, How To

DIY Photography Ring Flash Review.

DIY Ring flash + ambient light sources. Flash at 1/32 power, 1/160sec F7.1 ISO320, 51mm.

The assembled DIY Ring Flash with my Canon 580EX and Cybersync radio trigger.

Ring flashes are famous from the fashion world, where the classical make-up ad often uses the light frequently. By surrounding the lens with the light source, a cool ’shadowless’ light gives a unique look. But even when not used as the primary source of light, a ring flash can be an excellent on-axis fill, as championed by David Hobby of

The only problem for the hobbyist photographer is the price. Ring flash units cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. In recent years a string of new products let the photographer use their speedlights with a ring flash modifier to achieve the same effect for $200-300 – I own an Orbis ring flash myself. Even so, $200 is a big investment for a student, or a photographer who doesn’t know if they’ll get enough use out of a ring flash.

DIY Ring Flash

Enter DIY Photography with their flat-pack, self-assembly ring flash for $24.95. You might think that a ring flash modifier at that price can’t deliver on its promises, or must sacrifice too much. Having used it in a few shoots now, I can tell you it’s the real deal.

Though the DIYP Ring Flash is not without it’s problems and compromises, it is an amazing piece of equipment that can deliver exactly what it promises with only the necessary compromises. In short, every photographer who can get their speedlight off their camera should have one of these!

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