“The picture we waited 30 years to complete” | Wizbang.

Father and son make the last shuttle launch 30 years after attending the first one:

Chris Bray and his father Kenneth attended the first space shuttle launch 30 years ago and even though they hadn’t seen any other launches in person since, they decided to make the journey to see the final launch to ‘bookend’ the shuttle program in their lives. Plus, they were able to take this great image of father and son at two shuttle launches, “the picture we waited 30 years to complete,” Chris Bray said.


Googles Photovine Site Goes Live.

The site for Google’s new photo-related project Photovine has gone live, but the actual product or app is still missing.

Located at photovine.com, the site currently features an image of a mobile app – interestingly, the device in the image is definitely an iPhone and not an Android device – and a short description of the upcoming product: “Photovine is a fun way to learn more about your friends, meet new people, and share your world like never before”.

The site also contains a Privacy Policy which says that “Photovine is offered by Slide (part of Google Inc)”, as well as a support page which explains some details about the project.

“Photovine is a community that’s about creating fun and unique collections of photos that we call Vines”, the support page says, explaining that a vine is “like a constantly growing family of photos connected through a common caption created by you, your friends, and people all over the world”. Google also makes it clear that it will not tolerate just any kind of photo. “As a rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t want your family to see it, you probably shouldn’t post it”, the support page says.

At this point it’s unclear whether this project is connected with Google’s recently launched social networking service Google+, but it seems to be an independent product.

Recent reports indicated that Facebook is working on a photo-sharing app of its own, and in March 2011, a photo-sharing app called Color piqued a lot of interest, which seems to have largely dissipated by now.

Google+ may carry dangers for photographers – BlogPost – The Washington Post.


Google+ may carry dangers for photographers

These photos, taken from my Google+ account, are now able to be “reproduced, adapted, modified, translated, published, publicly performed, and publicly displayed.” (Image from Google+)
Since Google+, Google’s answer to social networking, came out a week and a half ago, there’s been much talk about the new possibilities it has introduced, whether it can really beat out Facebook, and how to get that elusive invite.

Washington, D.C. FIREWORKS!

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Photographer by OriginalFotografie
Photographer, a photo by OriginalFotografie on Flickr.

Nazi Photographer Identified Thanks to New York Times Crowdsourscing.



The New York Times just unlocked a mystery about a photo album taken during the Nazi era. The album is about 70 years old. The mystery was solved in about four hours.

The Times‘s photography blog Lens came upon the album’s 214 photos on Tuesday morning, EST. All but one was uncaptioned. The photos provided unfettered access to the Nazi war machine. One shot was only a few feet from Adolf Hitler. Others are from the Bavarian countryside and Munich and appear to be vacation pictures.

On Tuesday evening, the blog and a Spiegel Online site called EinesTages asked readers to help identify the photographer. Within a short time, a woman named Harriet Scharnberg wrote from Hamburg, Germany, claiming the photos were taken by Franz Kreiger, an Austrian photojournalist who had photographed Marlene Dietrich, among others, before the war. (See image.) Kreiger later joined the Nazi party and the SS, but left in 1941 to become a member of the Propagandakompanie, which disseminated propaganda on behalf of the Wehrmacht, the German home defense force.

How To Buy a Camera: Tips From a Photojournalist « Matador U.

Photojournalist Glenna Gordon shares rock solid advice on how to buy a camera.

Glenna Gordon

Photos courtesy of Glenna Gordon

[Editor’s Note] – When I first read Glenna’s post, So you want to buy a camera, I immediately reached out to her to have it republished here on Matador Goods.

Glenna Gordon is a professional photojournalist whose publication credits include New York Times Magazine, Time, Newsweek, BBC, Reuters, Guardian, UNICEF, USAID….just to name a few. She has been living in Africa (primarily Uganda and Liberia) since 2006 and maintains the blog, Scarlett Lion.

Words and photography by Glenna Gordon

A couple of friends, strangers, and blog readers have recently asked me for advice about buying cameras. Unfortunately, I actually know very little about non professional model cameras. But, I do know about cameras generally, so here’s some advice.

General Thoughts

You don’t need a million megapixels.

Anywhere from 5 – 10 will be fine – anything else is a feature you’re paying for you won’t need. It’s fine if the camera has more megapixels than that, just don’t let a sales person get you to buy a more expensive model because it has more megapixels.

Weather sealing is very, very very important.

Canon and Nikon are essentially the same and put out identical products. Which one most photographers use is usually based on which one their first photo teacher told them to buy. My first photo teacher happened to be sponsored by Canon, so I use Canon. So I don’t use it because it’s better than Nikon, just because I started with it.

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Graffiti Shoes – iPhone image

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Royal Paint

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Royal Paint by OriginalFotografie
Royal Paint, a photo by OriginalFotografie on Flickr.

Wings of Fancy

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_MG_7341 by OriginalFotografie
_MG_7341, a photo by OriginalFotografie on Flickr.